After days, months, and years even without enough sleep and food, the father who created him finally finds its moment. With his magical word, he created what we called LIFE! He gave his child after his name, Frankenstein. It is, i can tell, is the best moment he has, EVER!

And, the story flow itself. Until one day, when the child find out that life was never easy to live on. The child came to his father only for asking a question,

” I am the worst creature ever created in this world. I have no brains, my face is suck, and i don’t have any ability to be loved by someone. I always fell empty and lonely inside. Anyway, what is the reason you created me in the first place if you already know that i will be such a loser and only become a burden to people surrounding me?”

And, the father only give him a silent. I don’t know if he has an answer. Is he making a mistake? Is that guy only a selfish person considering only his own feeling without even feels the pain that maybe exist someday in his child that he created. Again, the empty answer.


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