Selamat Tidur Java

Aku mau rehat dulu bentar dari Java. I need more time to do some rests. This smester makes me sick. I have no time to do what I wanna do. Lots of things I wanna do. Enhance my guitar skills, go more frequently to bookstore and library, breath every morning air (which I never do again, pliz bring back my morning moment!!), watch some Korean movies (Goong S gw belum tamat!!), ngoprek (ubuntu gw nganggur!!), learning any lines of code.. One more thing, I wanna go home!! Too long to be here makes me feel live in the wrong place. I really miss my relatives, though I don’t speak much with ‘em, I’m totally missing them. I miss sitting beside them.

What the h**k is this:

  • Senin = Hari Sistem Kualitas
  • Selasa = Hari Kanban
  • Rabu = Hari Perancangan Produk
  • Kamis = Hari Kanban
  • Jumat = Hari Sistem Kualitas
  • Sabtu = Hari Gabungan (Hey, this is my library day!!)
  • Minggu = Hari Gabungan (C’mon, this is holiday bro. H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!!)

Everyday is meeting, everyday is gathering, everyday is brainstorming, everyday is TEAM. Hey, I am not that kind of people that can do lots of stuffs like that. I can, sometimes, but that is too much. OK, I really rejoice to be there with my friends, I can say I can create thousands of poems about them, take and give thing.. I dunna blame my friends. But, doing some tasks together AT EVERY SINGLE DAY is not me. I can’t, IT JUST NOT MY STYLE. Nope, I am not that antisocial like those geeky guys. I just need more times to be me (is that wrong eh?!)..

Gathering thing is so much fun, but not for doing some tasks!! It just looks like someone is close to you only if he need you to finish that projects and when the projects are finished, hey where are the crowded things we used to do?! They gone. They go with their comrades again (except me 😦), and I go with IDontKnowWithWho again…

Back to Java. OK, I love Java, it is my first love in Programming Lang, and I wanna dive deeper inside it. Until I meet another women, I mean another language. Yeah your rite, it’s from Microsoft, it is CSharp Lang which I found very beautiful!! Owgh, I have an affair 🙂 . I don’t think so. Although they are not the same, but they are not too different. They can speak in the same general pattern, they very much speak in the most similar logic. I learn CSharp because it is relatively easier than learning Java. Learning Java needs very high learning curve for dummy like me. Then, CSharp can help me in learning Java too. So, I am in CSharp now. Now, I want to make some project. Let we see if I can post any of them.. (i didn’t say goodbay, i don’t wanna, i just wanna take some rest. Lets take a deep breath. hhh…)


3 respons untuk ‘Selamat Tidur Java

  1. Yagh.. kok malah stop belajar java-nya? Ni aku malah baru “mau” belajar java. Soalnya di “Solo” lum banyak negh yang bisa. Jadi pengen cari yang masih “seger” peluang kerjanya 😀

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